Day after the poo storm

163A3780-5B9C-4B15-9076-6017F0F51CC3Day 5…. baby blues has kicked in.  

Luckily our little boy who remains nameless, I note we have narrowed it down to two names now, has had a long sleep this morning after his battle last night.

The milk machines have gone into overdrive…. they are literally dripping all over the place! I’ve hooked myself up to a pump, cabbage leaves on the other! Hawwwwt!   Relationships take a change when your partner is taking apart a cabbage for the sole purpose of your boobs comfort!

On demand…

So, never thought my milk supply would be quite this, FULL….  baby cries and wham there we go milk starts dripping out, apprently this means I am emotionally connected to lil one, but it catches you off guard especially when someone else’s baby cries and the same thing happens!  Nipples are also suffering!  Today has been a boobs out kind of day… feeding, expressing and air drying followed by copious amounts if lanolin cream….

Patch work

During labour, I needed an episiotomy, so Stitching was needed,  I braved my first look today… I wished I hadn’t!  I haven’t got the strongest of stomachs and this was something I hadn’t expected….  I took the mirror and angled it down whilst I sat on the loo,  I thought it would be a nice neat stitch, however after a panicked phone call to the midwife apprently they sew up inside tightly and then leave the outside layer to basically heal itself with a couple of loose stitches, *gulp*… will leave it there on the description, however I am a bit more careful sitting down and trying to rest a bit more…  do not want that coming undone!

On a plus I took some pictures, 5 days post labour and actually feel  quite good about my body, tummy is definitely shrinking back and my engagement ring now fits yay!


So today….. it has been full of tears, chocolate, rest, reading ok magazine and managed two hot cups of tea…. I wouldn’t say we are winning but feeling like the baby blues have got better throughout the day, I wonder how tonight will go….





A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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