The journey so far…

So the last 5 weeks, a mixture of tears, wondering what on earth we’ve done, thinking how do people have more than one?! Are they crazy!! A mixture of people telling me I should be doing this and that…

However, swaying to music whilst little man is in a sling on me and I think I’m actually starting to get used to/enjoying mummylife…

Jasper, that’s the name that our little man is now known.  This name was shortlisted between Jasper and Tristan, after a 3am meltdown  and not being able to sleep….

It has been a challenging 5 weeks for both us parents and Jasper.

Firstly breast feeding didn’t work and to begin with I really wasn’t ok with this, I felt like I had to explain to everyone, randoms in a coffee shop why he was on the bottle…. however I know now,  it’s ok… it’s really ok!  It wasn’t working for either of us, and being completely honest bottle feeding has been so much easier for our journey.


Yes, that has been the main job….  copious amounts of cake, chocolate and tea… this has kept us alive!   We have had trips to the hospital worrying why our baby is crying so much, not feeding all those nights where you question what are you doing wrong…  absolutely nothing!  Having a newborn, no book, or person can tell you what to do, honestly they really can’t, every baby is different and you’ll beat yourself up for not being the perfect parent or for your baby not being “perfect.”

Ive has people telling me “your creating a rod for your own back carrying baby in your sling”  well actually 1. I wouldn’t get anything done 2. Jasper would get himself into a right state and wouldn’t settle and then I would be in a state!

I have been in tears wondering whether I should be letting Jasper try to “get him used to napping alone” but hey a happy baby a happy mummy and let’s face it his only ickle once so bring on the cuddles and closeness!! Check out the fourth trimester for more information on this, babies are used to comfort and warmth in the early days, it is a big change for them this big ol world.

The last two days have been perfect with lil man.  We have started baby massage, I will talk more about baby massage in future blogs but so far it’s working brilliantly.   We are bonding and it could be a coincidence but his trapped wind seems so much better!!

Happy baby after massage cooing and having a chat with mummy.




A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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