Week six…

We’re smashing this parenting stuff!

So, week six here it is, and truthfully, things have got better! Jasper is growing so quickly, he is already trying to walk up me as I hold him… his a nosey little being… and gets distracted by the hideous wallpaper behind me as he tries to feed.

But honestly, it’s almost like we understand each other…. slightly.

We did however have an interesting Friday night, oh how things have changed, no longer out partying, we attempted bathtime with J, only to end up calling 111 as we thought his breathing was odd… emergency ambulance sent out and J deciding he wanted to fall sound asleep when the ambulance crew had arrived! Then deciding he would like a chat and lots of smiles with these interesting green men with flashing light pen! Far more interesting than a bath…. bathtime 0-1 Jasper…

Jasper is beginning to “self soothe” in his basket, however there is a fine line between putting him in there content to screaming the house down. Mummy is still learning when to fuss or when to hide and not make contact…. he is is currently on Day 2 and is sending him self to sleep very well on his own, well with the help of a dummy and swaddle!

Either he is getting easier or we just are getting better at parenting….. whichever it is, I am beginning to enjoy Jasper….


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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