Let’s talk routines and the right and wrong…

Is there a right and wrong?!

The answer to this is who knows?! I literally question myself everyday as to whether I am doing the right thing!

Being a parent is tough, you question your abilities, nit pick at yourself, compare your baby to other friends’ baby’s…

Why is my baby not like theirs…

Your baby is their own little person! Own little personality and what I have learnt is what works for someone doesn’t mean it will work with your baby! Babies are all different like people are all different! And as a mum we need to stop comparing, reading books, listening to the wannabe perfect role model parents who’s baby naps every 3 hours and self soothes. I have been trying to get J to “self soothe” and we have had tears by both of us, stress and failure, where has that left us…? Stressed and unhappy…

Reading ” a newborns perfect routine ” or listening to other parents saying “your creating a rod for your own back rocking him to sleep” well to be honest, he sleeps, actually he also sleeps well during the night now, and is a far happier baby when I work with his needs and not to a routine.

I had started writing his every move, feed, sleep, nappy change in a book, and started getting stressed as he wouldn’t be napping for as long as his meant to… that’s not healthy for me or Jasper…

If anything Jasper has got into his own routine… and I am going with it gently guiding him, and things have so far been going well…

Dum da dum da dummmmmmmy

So what about dummies, prior to having a baby I was dead against dummies, for no particular reason except for that everyone else frowned at them.

But now, I know it’s ok…. it really is ok! Jasper doesn’t rely on dummies however he is starting to get used to taking a dummy and actually sometimes it does calm him when he needs that extra omph to get him to sleep, dummy goes in and eyes roll!

Boobies munch

Finally let’s talk about breast feeding, there is such a stigma attached to breast feeding, and mammas who can’t breast feed or simply do not want to are feeling such pressure. I know when I had to give up with J I felt so bad..almost like I had to explain to people out in public why I was bottle feeding. Why? I felt like people were judging me for bottle feeding when “breast is best”

Actually what ever works for you and your baby is best, if your baby is getting what he needs and is healthy and happy then so be it! What ever works for you! A happy baby means a happy mummy and vice versa!

So for all you mummies out there, your doing a fantastic job, whether you are bottle feeding, breast feeding, routine followers or baby led, as long as your baby is growing nicely then you should be proud of yourself! Xxx


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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