All change….

Let’s take a look back at my last post….

Jasper has been a dream…. personality change? Was he going through a growth spurt last week…? Who knows, however this week I have a little boy who I adore!!

The J-man (nick name has stuck!) has been a contented, happy, smiley little one. He doesn’t want to nap, there is far too many interesting things to look at mummy, however he has enjoyed chilling in his bouncer taking the world in…. and I am ok with this! Mummy can put washing on, even multi task toilet and brushing her teeth, yes that was an experience trying to multitask that at same time! I thought I heard cries so hurried along and sped down stairs, but no, the sound was just J chuckling to himself as he looked at he brightly coloured mobile hanging on his chair. Phew!

I was a bit disappointed, having had a morning of “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack in full blast dancing away and kettle bell swinging away ( btw Jasper loves watching the kettle bells!) I noticed I was a bit sore again down below…. well had my 6 week check up and surprise surprise, not healed properly yet so need to take it easier! Gaaaaaah!! I was getting into that fitness “zone” mindset… however I know my sensible brain says just rest for a few more weeks and you can get back to that spin bike! Just frustrating! Nevermind! Onwards and upwards! On a plus I’m eating healthier, and can feel clothes getting looser, not loose enough to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes!! But a step in the right direction!

Massage update….

So I have been preparing more of the baby massage and yoga side line business, working on my website at silly o’clock in the morning, it’s the only time after a night feed I know I have a few mins safe in peace. Just working out a plan of how to start! Watch this space!!

Jasper is enjoying his morning massage, however it is always on his terms and yesterday he didn’t fancy a face massage! And the day before we managed the full works! It is all about listening to your baby, and watching their cues to comminicate, something I will take about on the course.

Best night ever….

Jasper had his best sleep ever, however I feel worse today?! Maybe I was still waking at the normal times wondering why have you not woken?! Poor baby can’t do anything right! However he was only awake at 2am and 5am! Go go Jasper!


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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