Wonder week sleep regression?

So J has hit the 8 week mark, and has been an incredibly crying baby this week.

I’m hungry – I’m going to scream the house down, and then not take a bottle…..

That has been the scenario, oh and he wants to be put in the bouncer to feed and not laying on me…

However last night I feel I may have jinxed it. J normally sleeps quite well, bathtime around 7, feed and goes off in his bouncer around 8, then we will transfer him into the next to me cot around 10 when we go to bed and he sleeps, anywhere until 2am! Has a feed and then goes back down for a couple of hours and the same until around 7.

Awesome! Not last night……..

So started well last night….. he slept until 1.30am….. gave him a feed tucked him back in, but this time there was a lot of fussing!! Didn’t want dummy, and kept making lots of noise to the point he began to cry!

I changed his nappy, gave him a little cuddle ( no talking mind you) and then put him down to sleep once again…. no…… again crying!!

Ended up having him next to me in bed but again so much fussing! I managed to find a you tube “womb noise” which seemed to slightly settle him but as soon as that stopped “waaaaaaaaaa”

Before I knew it, it was time for another feed, and the same happened….

It is not 7.43am, and little man is passed out on top of me, I do like these morning cuddles, but not the fussiness we have to go through before he settles on me!

I need to get up as have sofa being delivered this morning anywhere from 8-12!! Just need to carefully transfer!!

Wish me luck……..


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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