Date night

I feel slightly normal again……

So me and fiancé went on a date night. Our lovely friend babysat. But let’s start at the beginning….


J-man had been a terror all day, like a gremlin at night who had accidentally been exposed to water…. probably overtired from his night rave Monday, going through a growth spurt and just because he could…. had another friend come over and we went for a nice 5km walk in the country, J in a sling which is a 100% way I know he will go to sleep!

However bathtime and bed time achieved and actually J went down nicely into his bouncer post feed….. nice one! Woo! Luckily my hair fell nicely into waves, as I didn’t have time to wash it, had modelled a scrunched back top knot bun style messy do most of day, which actually worked in my favour creating natural “I meant to have waves” kinda style…..


So date night was at a country pub, The Wheatsheaf, amazing, however, being told there’s no signal made me worry slightly and Stu telling me to stop worrying was not helping my already worried ” we’re babyless!!” mind…. I felt like I wanted to/needed to rock the pram or on slight edge that J would wake up in pub crying….. but no, it was a nice civil dinner….. like old times!


We come home to a calm sleeping baby….. who has slept so well and gone back to sleep after feeds the whole night, well it’s 4am after his last feed and so far so good……. I’m calling this a winning night!


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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