Is it only 9am?

Do we have to have injections today as well……?

Well today has been a challenge already and it’s only 9am! J had rather an unsettled night and I guess that has continued.


So it turns out our little boy is scared of his daddy’s sneezing! In J’s defence daddy’s sneezes sound like a a scene from Jurassic Park, and leaves J -man with wide eyes, the quivering bottom lip and then the inevitable crying begins! Seeing as hayfever season has just started this is bad news…. and just getting J to settle and then *achoo* and the cycle started once again….. might have to settle daddy’s nose to get J to settle!

Little man was so fussy last night, during a feed the bottle slipped out of his mouth. He is rather excited when feeding and head goes from side to side, strange child.

Anyway, whilst mummy scrambled around in dark to re switch on her phone torch, J decided that mummy was taking far too long and literally went for the killer scream, and then decided he was too upset to feed again despite being hungry! Wow such a hard life being a baby!!

This resulted in Jasper being being swaddled, popped into his bouncer and rocked to calm him as he didn’t want to be anywhere near his mummy!! Horrible mummy!

5am comes around, J wakes to feed, falls asleep after half the bottle and goes back to sleep….. great… mummy goes back to sleep.

6am, mummy wakes to screaming! No slight stir, full whack the world is ending screaming!   No time to wee!

We come downstairs and J is the grumpiest baby ever this morning, he cries in his bouncer, mummy picks him up, he cries, mummy is even currently standing bouncing in arms, tried swaddling, bouncer and white noise ( the usual trick) worked for about 2 minutes and now back to crying.

Think we’ve had one smile today which I’ve photoed below, however that was short lived.

Not sure how on earth the next 24 hours is going to go…. J has is first lot of injections, Calpol is at the ready…

Yes, his still crying as I finish this update, not quite sure what to do now, no sign of being able to  wash my hair or even brush my teeth,  so I’ll continue to bounce for my own sanity!!


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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