4 month mayhem

We’ve reached 4 months and we have a smiley, chatty, wiggley, emotional, teething, dribbling, non sleeping little bundle of loveliness.

The newborn stage is a distant memory and onto a new more interactive little being.

So once again, I have tried to start a routine, however, a 4.30am start is never a good start to the day. Little man has tricked mummy on many occasion, lulling her into a false sense of security, by napping in his cot, or self soothing to sleep… no no, we haven’t a new baby, the next day we are back to rocking and jiggling across the room to settle. No day is ever the same, and what worked one day certainly isn’t a marker as to what will work the next. So going with the flow is key!

Sleep regression

Is it actually a “thing?” I cannot be sure and I was convinced Jasper couldn’t get any worse at sleeping…… how wrong could I be?

His usual two wake up feeds at night which I was getting used to, have now been replaced by a 11 o clock cry, a feed at 2 a feed at 4 get up at 5 and a lot of wriggling in between. So he takes a whole bottle at every feed so he must be hungry? Surely? I can’t feed him anymore during the day, and it’s not a sign his ready to wean so I guess we will just continue to feed his needs!

Keep rolling rolling rolling…

So our little baby succeeded in his first back to tummy roll last week. His frustration levels were sky high as he couldn’t work out how to get his arm from underneath him fully out however, that has now been conquered! Woo!

Onto the next challenge, how to roll back….

This is something Jasper is yet to master and for both mummy and Jasper this is quite frustrating. He rolls onto his front constantly, then kicks his arms and legs around as though trying to frantically crawl without getting anywhere, makes a frustrated moan, then gets tired and face plants the floor followed by a tired cry.

This can repeat on many occasion during the day, and despite mummy teaching him how to roll back the penny is yet to drop…

This happened one night at 2am last week…. he would roll over face first, mummy would roll him back, as soon as my head hit the pillow, he would roll over again, cry, mummy roll back, you get the idea…. let’s say we didn’t get much sleep that night…

Jasper has almost worked out how to turn his head so he can sleep on his front, however the last few nights I find myself waking just to check his not suffocating on his front…. zZzzZzzzZzz

Update since writing this Jasper now sleeps on his tummy with head turned despite many attempts of putting him onto his back…

Wonders of Calpol and dentinox

Teething….. well, what an evil thing….

Jasper has really suffered, hands are constantly in his mouth, our hands are pulled towards his mouth and wow he clamps down on your fingers knawing away! I’m just glad that’s not my nipple….

He can get himself into such a state, obviously in pain to the point he won’t feed which then is a vicious cycle as then he is hangry and tired and upset and the world is such a terrible place…. just wants to be in my arms carried everywhere….

We have tried one of them amber bracelets, to be honest I cannot tell you whether it is helping or not, we will need to give it a bit longer to decide.

For now, calpol, and dentinox teething gel are my go to, they appear to be helping with the pain…

So despite the mayhem above, the 4 month mark has left myself and daddy feeling a bit more optimistic. It doesn’t make it any easier however, we are starting to understand what his crying is about, have some tricks up our sleeves to help soothe him and are slightly more confident about being good parents… ish…


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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