Camping…. what really?!

Yes, we did it, we went camping with a 4 and half month old.

How was it? Well it wasn’t a disaster but it probably was on the list of most stressful experiences I’ve had…. however, we are not put off from doing it again!

We had electric hook up which made it easier. Bringing our bottle prep machine made the experience easier, however the water got so hot that little temperature waning light keep coming on which meant emptying and refilling the machine.

Camping with a baby, well obviously your little one will be a bit unsettled, it’s all new.

Jasper is quite sensitive to change and overstimulation, he did find the whole experience a little hard, and we had to try and remember this through the many screamathons…

To be honest the nighttime went quite well, except for having to pace the field trying to get Jasper to go to sleep, because obviously the tent was light and wiggles a lot in the wind which makes going to sleep for a already wired baby a tough time! And then having to make a bottle in the middle of the night trying not to trip over anything in the tent and trying to be as quick as possible as to not wake your neighbours with the material walls!! We stuck to the normal routine with Ewan the sheep, and we’re lucky enough that the campsite had a family bathroom with a bath so were able to bathe Jasper every night like at home. I thought it would be much colder, and bought a 3.5 tog grobag-mittens and hat, however these were not needed, the tent was so warm and during the night the outside temperature was around 15-19c so a normal grobag and sleepsuit was fine!

It was tricky, there were many challenging times but there were many cute times…. and it made me and my other half have to work as a team, it was very much tag teaming as Jasper cried, but then feeling proud and like a proper team once he had settled, highfiving each other and realising your both actually pretty awesome!

So yes we would go camping again and hope this will part of our family holidays, I feel perhaps as Jasper gets older it will become easier, and once recommendation, buy a roof box, you will definitely need it!!!


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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