Food glorious food…

So we are at that stage of weaning….the battle ground of baby led or purée… it really is a confusing time!

To be honest I’m not sure if it’s called weaning or the better term comes to mind is food exploration and mess…

The debate between baby led and purée or a mixture.

So before we had J we bought a purée machine which does it all for you, put the whole veg in and it purees it. Great aye?!

Well yes great, until I went on a weaning workshop and they mentioned baby led weaning…

I googled, and I spoke to a friend who actually has baby led weaned and actually it makes sense…

Giving a baby the food in its normal form, no mush no purée, just the actual vegetable but steamed to make it easier to gum.

So we began a bit early, blw is meant to begin at 6 months, when they can sit and hold head upright and when they can bring things to their mouth and their tongue thrust reflex is reduced.

Jasper began the process himself after taking a strawberry from my hand and beginning to suck on it, to the point the strawberry was demolished!!!!

So we began giving j an item of veg at our dinner time, he has had a mixture of things, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoe, carrot, cauliflower and various fruits…

This was great, however I must highlight it is a messy process… food is explored, smooshed against the table, smeared up his face, in his hair, all over the floor. But hey it’s good to feel and explore what you are eating…. getting to know the shape, texture, colour, smell and lastly taste.

I’ve had a lot of people suggesting I should just try purees and it has made me doubt what I’m doing is right, like everything you do as a mum you doubt whether the choice you make is the right one. ” he isn’t getting anything from it” ” he needs more solids to sleep through the night” ” he needs to actually get some food, at the moment he is just playing with it” ” purée is more natural” and then I begin to think actually purée does make sense, his been drinking milk for 6 months so surely going straight to a solid is just silly?? Well I questioned myself again and became really confused of how to continue.

We continued with baby led and around a month in, the results are awesome, we have seen such improvement with Jaspers coordination, he can take food almost directly to his mouth, it’s amazing, he wants to be involved with spooning food into his mouth, and generally becomes frustrated at how little a spoon holds and goes back to his hands!!

His definitely taking solids, you can tell in his nappies there is a definite colour and smell change, this is not a positive may I add…..

I know a few people who have used purees and that’s working well for them, but like with anything you do as a parent, you must choose the way that works for you and your baby, and hey baby led was the way to go for us….


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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