6 months….how?

I mean, really, where did 6 months go, I look back and wonder how we managed to get through this, it has been a hard 6 months!! And then again I think wow we’ve done it, we have a son…. his half a year old!!

Well let’s talk about 6 months marker…

Yup it’s here….. that time where most parents dread, the moment their baby begins to crawl…

Its been on the cards for a while now, Jasper has been army crawling with belly flops and cries of frustration inbetween hysterical floor jumping. But two days ago, he cracked it!

Vital stage…..

Now, I’m actually not dreading this stage, yes I have to be aware of where he is at all times, I know I can’t leave him on the bed whilst I get ready, I can’t take him to the loo with me anymore as I have a little human pulling himself up my legs at the vital stage!!!

But actually his less frustrated…..

Jasper enjoys following mummy about, oh and he now loves the fact he can crawl after our cat!!! Luckily our cat can jump…..

Toys have been put aside, the focus is on pulling himself up and his now determined to cruise and walk! There is no stopping this little man….

Separation anxiety

It’s really a thing….

Jasper HAS to be with me when I’m in the room, despite being absolutely fine with daddy or another person in the room, as soon as mummy walks in the arms go up and the winge fest begins…

Yeah, it’s a tad annoying but then I think, that just means his totally in love with his mummy, and has defiantly formed that mummy, son bond.

When his little head rests in the crack of my neck my heart melts, his fingers gripping onto my arms almost a slight bit of pain as his nails dig into my skin, but also the feeling of warmth and love.

Where has our newborn little grumpy baby gone…. his becoming a little boy more and more so by the day… I love watching him grow, explore and learn.

Make the most of every day together those cuddles will not be forever 🙂


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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