One going on three…

I mean, where does the attitude even come from?!! His 15 months…

I swear he went to bed and changed into the Incredible Hulk overnight…

I’ve not blogged in a while now, things have been busy, life has taken over and running your own business whilst trying to be a mum is much harder than I expected. But still here we are and another blog ready to go.

Toddlers, I mean are they just completely misunderstood? This is a testing time. The simplest of things can literally send a sweet smiling little boy over the edge and transform him into what can only be described as a gremlin shown to water…

“I want to go outside without my shoes on, I don’t care that there’s nails and all sorts on the floor waiting to hurt my toes….stamps feet, – mummy tries to pick up and explain we must wear our shoes outside or it may hurt our feet, nope, the world is about to end, and whole body is arched whilst the face screws up …” hey duggie is switched on and the world is a much nicer place….

We go through the random outbursts possibly around 20 times a day…. anything literally anything can start this from mummy kindly asking Jasper to set the table and the cutlery gets launched or one more spoonful of dinner. Or even the fact mummy or daddy will not let him stand on the table…. or the point where you need to put him back in the buggy after playing but he has other ideas and you literally feel like anyone around listening is about to call child protection as the noise his making whilst trying to get back in the seat is unreal!!! I mean what kind of awful parents are we?!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad, Jasper is becoming a little boy, his able to listen to instructions and he can follow them to a degree. His starting to point at things and showing a real interest to learn which is incredibly amazing. His a cheeky little character who has a thing about belly buttons, his and others around him and finds it highly amusing poking them.

I’m hoping his already reached the terrible two stage just minus the speech, so actually when we do reach two, things will be pleasant….. we shall see….

Sometimes I want to just scream?! “What the hell is wrong…” and you have to take some deep breathes resolve yourself and realise they have ALOT going on in their brains, so many pathways being connected, so much for them to take in an learn about the world, and the best thing I can say is ” it’s ok for you to feel cross, do you need a cuddle” – this is me being an adult, trying to stay calm myself..

Have any of you got toddlers? What’s been the best thing they’ve had a melt down over?


A first time Mum, making it up as I go along. A honest frank account of mummy life!

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